Monday, September 11, 2006

Everyone Do the Lindy Hop

Ok, so the Blue Jays are done. There's not much debate on that. But September isn't completely meaningless for Toronto. Par example (as a Canadian based blog, our lawyers have told us that a certain percentage of our posts must be en francais. There, we're good for another year now), there's Roy Halladay, who's looking for his second Cy Young award. He has sixteen wins, but he's been stuck at that number for awhile now, winless in his last four starts. Ouch. And that might not change any time soon, as he was removed from his last game in the first inning after coming down with a bad case of deja vu.

The Doc was hit by a comebacker off the elbow, and while the real docs say it's nowhere near as serious as the season ending whack he took last year, it's nothing that's going to send smiles through the Jays' clubhouse. (Sidenote: Our old friend, Josh "1-9" Towers made the emergency replacement, lasting an inning or two, and blowing a two run lead in the process. It's good to have you back Josh)

But the other thing September brings the Jays (other than reflections on another failed season...) is expanded rosters, which let's crappy teams bring up the farm boys to help out in the bigs (which is why Towers found himself replacing Halladay). One particular youngster that has turned our noggins is Adam Lind (Get it? Lindy Hop? Yeah, it's bad, but it was either that or, "Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lind Me Your Ears")

Through five games, he has seven hits, four of them doubles, three ribbies, one homer and a .412 batting average. Sure, the sample size is small, but we'd like to project good things for him.

With Lind hanging around, the Jays might have a bright future, assuming they can keep Vernon Wells around, plus guys like Alex Rios, Aaron Hill, Shawn Marcum and Gustavo Chacin.

Sunny days ahead? Here's hoping,


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