Thursday, February 08, 2007

Guys, Please, Keep Your Pants On

The Toronto Maple Leafs live on a teeter-totter. The team hit the low point back in December when a combination of injuries and sub-par goaltending contributed to a 4-9 record. This is Toronto of course, so the only questions in the media were, how long till Darcy Tucker is traded and John Ferguson is fired. We're a tough crowd, what can we say.

But the Leafs have found their upswing, going from one extreme to another. With five straight wins, the Leafs are Toronto's darlings again. It doesn't matter that that streak has been necessary for the Leafs to just hold onto ninth in the East, forget about a playoff spot, the consensus has swung back around to the hyperbole corner.

It doesn't take much to get our media going; a week ago, when the Leafs had won four of their past five, was the first sight of the "red hot" label. Red hot? That is a little premature.

And now that the Leafs are legitimately hot (though 'red' might be stretching it... we'll have to see how they do against Nashville) all bet's are off. The Toronto Star ran an article today where they interviewed former Leaf coach Pat Burns. Come on, ask us why. Why? Because Pat Burns was coach of the 93/94 Leafs who set the NHL record for wins to start a season with 10.

Five wins straight in an otherwise mediocre season and already we're comparing them to one of the best Leaf teams of the last 40 years. I think we're getting a little desperate guys.


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