Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Losses are Good Times

Man am I the only the Leaf fan who heard the final score was 8-0 Panthers (Panthers!) and thought, "Ok, yes, this is a good thing." I had to read the final score in the paper because after one period and three goals I was busy finding other things to occupy my time, you know. But getting rocked by Florida is a good thing, big picture. All about that top three pick. All about that Steven Stamkos.

I mean, it's not good in anyway that every Leaf played like they were too busy dreaming up future tee times, because the all those scouts who have attached themselves to this team like vultures need something to take back with them. This is the perfect time for Darcy Tucker to start scoring, you know what I'm saying? Nobody is getting off this island if they keep playing like they did against Florida. If it were up to me the Leafs would lose the next twenty-eight games by one goal each, and everybody would try their best and some GM somewhere could look at Pavel Kubina and say, "Yes, this is a man I would pay $5 million dollars a year".

Lovin' that Robbie Earl though. Let's go Marlies


Dave said...

That was my second thought. My first thought was "... what the FUCK?!" Yeah, I want the top draft pick, but I also don't want Brett "WTF" McLean to score five points, you know? I didn't watch the game, and I got an update from my friend when Toskala got pulled, but when you come home and hop on TSN and see a 8-0 final score, logic goes out the window and your jaw drops.

THEN you think it's a good thing, once you gather your bearings.

It'd be great if Tucker started scoring, in theory he's the kind of guy that a playoff team would want, and God knows he needs to be jettisoned ASAP.

Navin Vaswani said...

nice blog.

i, too, am pleased with mr. earl. kid looks like he's got a bright future.

walkinvisible said...

a couple of flaws in your theory:

1. does the nhl not employ the pingpongball for draft position thing ?? ie: you can end up dead last and still not get stamkos.... ?

2. does tucker not have a no trader ? infact, if all the guys on the leafs hold fast to their NTCs, then fletcher probably ain't movin' anyone....

in other news, how 'bout that dion phaneuf ?? he'll look pretty sharp in the flaming C for the next 6....

Jason said...

The problem with talking about blowing up the Leafs roster is that everyone who needs to go either has a no trade clause, or is being payed so much money that it might as well be a no trade clause. So it's all theoretical hypotheticals and we'll probably be lucky to move more than one guy