Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Congrats NHL!

Congratulations National Hockey League! You remain the proud owner of one (1) insolvent professional ice hockey organization located in beautiful, sunny suburban Glendale, Arizona. I hope you make good use of it! If I were a real estate agent, I might call it a "fixer-upper". The place just needs some "TLC" and a little "elbow grease". Hah hah!

There are going to be a lot of angry Canadians when you finally play your hand and have the Coyotes move to Kansas City, or Des Moines, or Boise or wherever it is the official NHL expansion plan calls for a team to be settled. Just a heads up. We're all adults here! We can read balance sheets. When you finally go back to making decisions based on cold financial logic, I think we can agree that the Phoenix Coyotes are not part of any hockey future. But keep pretending they are. I'm sure it comforts the 500 hockey fans in the great state of Arizona and I'm definitely sure it comforts the people running Glendale, who are going to be left holding one massize boner in the form of the Jobing.com Arena when you do up root and leave.

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furcifer said...

Bettman is either a moron or a liar. I'm not sure which one is worse. Maybe he's both.

I was against the move to Hamilton but thought the NHL arguments that there was any long term future in Phoenix for the franchise was laughable. How can Bettman be believable anymore? This is the same guy who told us there were no issues in Phoenix then insisted after the bankruptcy was filed that he'd been in control fo the team. This is the same guy who allowed Boots Delbaggio into the league but finds Balsillie unacceptable. This is the same guy who denies any issues in Tampa Bay but now is sorting out their ownership dilemma. Coyotes in Vegas/KC by 2012. Book it.