Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Everything's Coming up Colangelo

File this one under didn't see this coming, because the Raptors have landed the first overall pick in the NBA draft.

Yeah, we're at a loss for words too.

Now, we won't suggest that hiring Brian Colangelo as GM was directly responsible for this crazy turn of luck, but c'mon, how many first overall picks did Rob "I'll Trade My Vince Carter for your Ham Sandwich and a Shiny Nickle" Babcock earn the Raptors?


Now we here at 63 Years don't know enough about the depth of this year's draft to properly comment on it, though we've heard is not overly uplifting.

Anyway, this is a great chance for the Raptors to get something done. There may be no slam dunk rookie (get it? Slam dunk? Anything?), but the guys available are no slouches.

In other (belated) news, as part of the MLB interleague play, the Jays found themselves playing their ancient arch-rivals, the ahem, Colorado Rockies.

Yeah, we're slightly confused too. But with the departure of Les Expos (au revoir...), the Jays find themselves without a true NL rival.

But no matter, that didn't stop the Rockies from adminstering an old fashion mountain ass kicking on the Blue Birds, sweeping them in three.

In Toronto's defense, we could mention Denver's mile-high altitude, and the NL's cockamamie habit of inserting pitchers into the batting order, but instead we will just extend a warm welcome to the Rockie's to come visit Toronto. Let's see how they play with one of them new-fangled DH thingies.

In even more Jays news, the boys from the T-Dot have rebounded nicely from their Nl drubbing, rebounding to take their series against Tampa Bay in the first two games.

There's no better way to stroke an ego than to smack the D-Rays around, I tell you what.

Drafting on Heavens door,


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