Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mediocrity Never Tasted So Sweet

What is this, our monthly Raptor's report? Sure, let's go with that. Let's be fair though, the Raptors have earned this update.

For a brief moment, one glorious rotation of the Earth's axis, the Raptor's were playing .500 basketball. .500 basketball!!! As in, they had the same number of wins as losses; as in, for every game they had lost, they had also won one. In this neck of the woods, that is an Accomplishment.

It didn't last long, a loss to the Pacers cut it tragically short, but it is a sign of good things to come. This is a team that started off 2-8, remember? Remember? Now they (were) 22-22.

The Raptors, unlike almost every other team in the East, have a sense of optimism surrounding them. Chris Bosh, charter member of the always sparse Hard Working NBA Player Club, is now an All Star starter, voted in by the fans and everything. Kinda like Vince Carter, but, you know, more deserving. Andrea Bargnani almost literally improves with every game, going from wallflower to dancing queen in the span of half a season. Anthony Parker is Mr. Consistency. Even Pape Sow is back, after breaking his neck. His neck!

These guys have a playoff run in them. Fo' serious.


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