Sunday, March 11, 2007

Marry Me, Darcy

Here is why the Maple Leafs are going to make the playoffs: Darcy Tucker is back.

Scoring two goals for the Leafs last night, the second coming in overtime against those damn Ottawa Senators, Darcy Tucker is what the boys in blue have been missing (and also Kyle Wellwood, who made his return last night as well, but damn it, this is a love letter to Tucker, not Wellwood).

Down 3-1 in the third period, despite outchancing Ottawa, the stage was set for another loss. It was only two nights removed from their last game in Ottawa, an ugly 5-1 loss. Then Boyd Devereaux scored, and suddenly it seemed almost inevitable that Nikolai Antropov would eventually score the tying goal before the clock ran out. He did, overtime ensued, and Darcy Tucker one timed a dandy of a doozy past Ray Emery.

This only befitting the man who recently did the home-team discount for the Leafs signing for the modest sum of three mil per while still injured. Now he's playing again, and scoring again, and the playoffs are within reach. Every game is important, yadda yadda yadda, but the Leafs have the only guy on their team who seems to understand it back.

Good things ahead.


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