Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Numba Ate

The Leafs won tonight, which is always a pleasant change of pace, especially when playing in front of the home suits. It was against Washington, 3-0, so don't read anything too deep into it, but anytime from here on out the Leafs win, it's going to be a big deal.

The win put them into eighth in the tight (tight like man's- well, you know the rest) Eastern Conference, tied with Carolina at 73, and trail the New York Islander Experience Featuring Ryan Smyth by three. Not much to get worked up over, though the Leafs do hold a game in hand over their competition.

The game itself was notable for Darcy Tucker's return to the scoresheet, one game after returning from injury. The newest, once again Leaf Yannic Perreault also scored, giving him, and Tucker while we're at it, both twenty on the season (We are sad to note that even after missing twenty plus games, Tucker is still second in team scoring. Sad for what could have been, or sad that no one else really stepped up? It's a toss up).

The real test is the up coming home and home against Ottawa. The Leafs are of course missing Tomas Kaberle (we won't comment on The Hit, other than to parrot what has already been said, the real punishment for New Jersey would have been to force them to play the bum for three games), but hopefully the return of Tucker and Pavel Kubina will balance out the scales.

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