Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Leafs Win A Game(!!!!!)

Just like that, the ugly seven game streak is over. With a win against Tampa Bay last night, the Leafs can move on from that sorry septuplet and focus on making up for lost time. True, one win a slump does not break, but it sure helps.

It also helps when you a win a game like the Leafs did last night. The score was 5-4 for Toronto (the first time they've scored that many in way too long) but the way they got there wasn't so easy.

Tampa lead 3-1 after an early second period goal by Brad Richards off an unpretty give-away by Bryan McCabe. That's when Paul Maurice stepped into it, calling an early time out, and using his brief time to swear loudly at his lacklustre players ("None of it is printable," said Maurice after the game). He then yanked J.S Aubin from the net, who had been quite ordinary, in favour of Andrew Raycroft. What ever combination of cussing Maurice used, it must have worked, though it took a bit of time to sink in. Twelve minutes later it was Chad Kilger of all people banging home a Darcy Tucker rebound. And because Kilger never scores in ones, it was only a matter of time before he scored his second, seven minutes to be exact.

The game was tied heading into the third, and as if erasing a two goal deficit hadn't been hard enough, now they would have to find a way to score a third period goal, something they hadn't been doing with any regularity. Long story short, they did. Twice, in fact.

The Leafs picked up a come back victory, which must have felt nice, having been on the receiving end of only about ten come from behind wins in their last seven games.

And just like that, it is cool to be a Leaf fan again. The bandwagon was starting to feel a little light...


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