Wednesday, December 13, 2006

V-Dub Meets The Big Money

The Blue Jays have done their part: they've offered up a seven year deal worth around $126 million (which averages out to more than Alfonso Soriano, which of course was a must) to star outfielder Vernon Wells.

Does he sign it? Don't expect him to sign right away, his current contract ($5.6 mil per) doesn't expire until the end of next season, so there's no rush on his part. The same can't be said for the Jays, who would sure like to have hard answers regarding Wells' future before the season starts. While he can still command some el primo trade material that is.

But it's an encouraging first step for the Jays, who are at least trying to be serious here, in contrast to the unfortunate Carlos Delgado situation in which they low-balled him, essentially forcing him out.

The Jays need Vernon, that's all there is to it.

Sticking with the Jays, they also resigned John "Human Highlight Reel" McDonald to a one year deal. If the Jays do nothing else this off season, we might be willing to forgive them, just for this move. Johnny Mac is one of our favourite Jays, even if he couldn't hit wiffle ball if his life depended on it. His D more then makes up for his lack of power, and we love him for it. He was given the starting job at short stop midway through last season and wowed every night with his glove work. He might not hit the ball very often, but he doesn't let it get by him either. Here's hoping he gets some significant field time.


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