Saturday, December 09, 2006

Did You Know That There Are 3 Periods In A Hockey Game? The Maple Leafs Sure Didn't

We want to be supportive here. The Leafs are going through a tough time right now, and they could probably use a friend. We'd like to be that friend.

Let's go over the facts first. The Maple Leafs have dropped their last six (and about eight of those losses coming to Boston) with no end in sight. Worse is how they have lost their last three. In all three they led going into the third period, and in all three the Leafs ended up walking out with heads bowed. You can't blow third period leads and still hope to succeed.

Thursday's loss to Boston was fairly typical. The Leafs went into the third period up one-zip, on a lucky goal by Jeff O'Neil, you know, the kind of lucky goal you only get when the stars are lined up for you. They were playing well enough to win, and they would have too, if your standard hockey game lasted forty minutes.

We know by now that the Leafs are capable of more than this, the first twenty games showed that. Sometimes, all you can do is beleaf.


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