Friday, April 20, 2007

Oh Yes, Their Will Be Boos.

It's a beautiful piece symmetry, the Raptors first playoff appearance in forever is. The basketball gods have given Toronto a final chance to once and for all expunge Vince Carter from its sports concsiousness, in the form of a first round match up against VC's New Jersey Nets. Chris Bosh and the one-for-all Raptors get to play the last man to call the Raptors his franchise, get to finally show that Vince Carter was the problem with Toronto, and not the other way around.

Sure, maybe a date with the collapsing Washington Wizards might have be easier, but a play-off with New Jersey is custom ordered drama.The first round doesn't really matter, but here are two teams who will go at it like it was a championship series. They spilt their season series 2-2, both teams winning their home games, which gives the higher seeded Raps maybe an advantage in that category.

Game one is Saturday at the ACC. Oh yes, their will be boos.


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