Thursday, April 05, 2007

Too Hot For TV

You won't see this Blue Jays' ad on TV, because the Man is all about curtailing our right to see 275 lb. men hit small children. But don't worry, 64 Years and Counting is all about saying "up yours" to the Man, so in the spirit of the revolution, here's the ad that was too "violent" for TV:

Speaking of the Jays, their game in Detroit was colded out today, niether side apparently man enough to risk a little frostbite in the quest for October. I guess we know which teams won't be winning next fall.

Toronto has split their stillborn series with the Puddy Cats so far, winning game one 5-3 in extra innings, and then losing the next 10-9 - which isn't so bad when you consider that they were in danger of losing 9-0 at one point. Roy Halladay played his usual rock-your-socks game, A.J Burnett was sketchier, lasting less than three innings, but on the other hand, the Jays' oft questioned offense did show up. So, the jury is still out, in other words.


Sidenote - The game is rescheduled for the 10th... of September.

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