Monday, April 02, 2007


For the Raptors that is, and for the first time in five years too. The only player left from that team is Morris Peterson, and he does all of his work off the bench these days.

The Raps have put together a solid second half of the season, and have catapulted themselves into contention. Can they win the title? Not too many people will put the championship anywhere else but in Dallas, but then again, not too many people put Tornto in the playoffs to begin with. The Raptors have nothing but good vibes emanating from them, and a long playoff run is easily within their grasp.

And now's a great time to be building that skeptical Toronto fan base up, because it is increasingly looking like the Raptors will be the only Toronto team playing meaningful games this spring.

Also, Sam Mitchell for Coach of the Year.


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