Thursday, April 13, 2006

All's Wells That Ends Wells

I've been thinking lately, that if I were the Red Sox manager, I would never let David "Big Boned" Wells anywhere near a baseball when the Jays are in town (or any other team for that matter, but that's neither here nor there). Against the team he once called his own, Wells is terrible. I think he's a lifetime 5-9, with an ERA way up there when playing Toronto. Not that I'm complaining. He is after all, the one who blasted T.O's fans in his surprising autobiography (surprising in that, up till then, most people just assumed he didn't know how to read).

Wells was at it again, getting smacked around by the Jays yesterday, losing by a final score of 8-4. It was though, a good day to be sitting on the Green Monster, as the Jays' hitters put baseball after baseball up there. In one of the games more alliteratory moments, it was Wells squaring off against the Jays' Vernon Wells, but Wells went to the well one to many times against Wells, and well, Wells put it well above the Monster (I'll stop now).

That puts the Jays back at .500, and keeps their GB at a manageable 3.

In other news, The Leafs have rewarded the newest back-up goalie flavour of the month (Cristobal Huet, Tim Thomas, Hannu Toivonen, Antero Niittymaki, Ray Emery, Cam Ward, etc etc) J.S Aubin with a new contract. Am I the only one who isn't thrilled that Aubin has become the de-facto starter? I mean, yeah he's winning games, but they're meaningless games, games with nothing to play for except dignity, and even then, I think the Leafs lost that awhile ago. I just can't help but get the feeling the Aubin is just another flash in the pan goalie, red hot right now and seemingly unstoppable, but eight games does not a starter make. I just can't see this guy going 60 games for the Leafs next year.

I'm also annoyed the way Mikael Tellqvist has been shunted aside, cast off as old news. When Eddie "Upper Body" Belfour finally called it quits (for which I will always love him for doing), I was excited because it would give Tellqvist a chance to flex his muscles. He performed well enough, considering the Leafs still had a legitimate chance at the post season. But then came those two games in Montreal, those two playoff deciding games in Montreal, which the Leafs lost in front of Tellqvist. Ever since then, it's been Aubin all the way, and Tellqvist has fallen by the wayside. What happened to this guy one day being the number one guy? It seems more likely that he'll be traded come July. I swear, if this guy is traded and goes on to become a hall-of-fame type goalie, John Ferguson better watch his back.

Oh yeah, the Leafs are taking on the Islanders tonight. I'm not even going to mention the "P" word in the context of this game, or of the Leafs having anything to with the "P" word, because they don't. Have a chance, that is. Please guys, do us all a favour and lose tonight. End this charade already. It's getting painful to watch.


ADDENDUM, Sept 11, 06: What the hell!? We came up with that bit of alliteratory genius way before them. Our laywers are currently looking into serious legal action against these bastards., watch your back!

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Phenomenal Smith said...

Thanks for your kind words. I was beginning to wonder if I was blogging to myself. How did you find it, anyway? Between the obvious rivalry, Toronto spending money like it's going to expire, Mazzone's work-in-progress with the Baltimore pitching staff and Tampa Bay beginning to suck less, the AL East is going to be a great story for the next couple years.

Is Wells historically bad against Toronto? I really should check the numbers. But, yeah, his usual impeccable control is definitely off these days and I already can't wait for Dinardo's start.

Digging your blog, man. I'll be around.