Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Jays Win, Natch

The Jays won tonight behind the hot arm of Gustavo Chacin and the hot bat of Vernon Wells. Chacin is easily one of our favourite players on the Jays. Always so calm and full of poise behind those sunglasses, and always so consistent, he's a rock in the Jays otherwise turbulent rotation. Whatever tomfoolery Ted Lilly or A.J Burnett get up to on the mound, you can rest assured that Chacin will go out there and give the Jays a chance to win. Tonight's win continues his perfect start, 4-0 on the season.

Speaking of fours and zeroes, the (former) Tower of Power, Josh Towers is off to a bad start, already 0-4 on the season. 63 Years fondly remembers when he burst onto the Jays scene, going 8-1 in his rookie campaign. What happened to that bundle of rookie talent? He has had some bad luck, the Jays' bats conveniantly go silent whenever he steps on the mound, but it shouldn't be the offence's job to bail out the pitcher every time.

In other Toronto news, there is no other Toronto news, because the Raptors and Maple Leafs are currently sitting home, twiddling their thumbs, watching much better teams then them compete for trophies that will likely elude them for their careers.

Well, actually, there is some news, none of it good, though that's par for the course. Former Leaf owner Steve Stavro bit the bullet yesterday, passing away from a heart attack. While we could mention that he added twelve years to the Leafs' 40 year Stanley Cup draught (and by extension, twelve years to this blog's title), we find it much more prudent to point out that Mr. Stavro was the man who rescued the Leafs' from the Harold Ballard/Black Hole era, which saw the Leafs post twelve consectutive losing season. Stavro propped the team up with his substantial personal fortune (built through his grocery empire. Yes, the Leafs were owned by a man known as the "Honest Grocer"). So, hat's off to you Mr. Stavro, and as one Greek to another, yeasas.

Of course the Leafs and Raptors are now owned by a coalition of the uninterested. The majority owners are a beast known as the Ontario Teacher's Pension Plan, which as the name might suggest, is more interested in securing massive profits than winning championships. The "face" of the organization is one of the many minority owners, Larry Tanenbaum, a thoroughly uninspiring man. Gone are the days of Conn Smythe...


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