Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sittler Better Watch His Back

When the Leafs are finally eliminated from the playoffs, no one will be able to point any fingers at Mats Sundin. If anything, that man is the only reason this team can still even pretend to be in the playoff hunt. Ever since winning a gold for the Svenskis (sadly, the only time winning and Sundin will ever be used in the same sentence) he's been on fire, scoring goals like it was 1999. The Leafs iconic captain was at it again last night, racking up four goals and two assists (that's six points total, for our slower readers) in a nail-biting 6-5 overtime win over Florida. Or so I've been told. Because the game was only available on the Leafs' very own digital channel, Leafs TV. Those bastards on Bay St. have shifted 13 games on to the specialty channel, only available those willing to fork over the cash. Long story short, I didn't see the game. And another thing: That was the first hat trick by a Leaf player since Stevie Sullivan had a four goal night of his own some six or seven years ago. And another thing: Steve Sullivan used to play for the Leafs?! What the hell!? How did they let him walk!? What were they thinking!?

And one last thing: I just read that Darren McCarty has filed for bankruptcy. Whoops. My advice? Offer to shave off that bloody goatee, and in return, his creditors would back off. Hell, if McCarty owed me money, I'd accept that deal in second.

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