Thursday, August 17, 2006


According to, who have it on good authority from the Boston Herald, who totally heard it from a friend of the lady who does Vernon Wells' hair, the Jays have sent spare part and key benchwarmer Eric Hinske to the Red Sox.

We here at 63 Years World News Centre refuse to believe these reports. Why would manager J.P Ricciardi deal a key player to a division rival, and a team that they would have to leapfrog in order to get to the postseason?

Hinske was the 2002 AL rookie of the year, though he seems to have forgotten. He had a tough season last year, but coming off the bench this year, he's been a solid contributor.

To his credit, Ricciardi has denied the reports, for whatever that's worth. On the other hand, Hinske was scheduled to start tonight (an 8-3 debacle at the hands of Tampa Bay) but was scratched twenty minutes till go time.

We seriously hope that these rumours are untrue, or at the very least, that the Jays have not shipped Hinske to the Red Sox. At the very least...

To quote, "More details to follow."


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