Sunday, August 06, 2006

Oh Hockey, Where Art Thou?

It was pointed out to us the other day that the NHL is two months away from kicking off. Still two months? It feels like forever since Brind'Amour skated around the RBC Arena, Stanley Cup held high.

We're in a serious case of hockey withdrawal over here. The shakes haven't started yet, but...

We blame it on the Blue Jays mostly. When they were good, they were able to stave off the worst of it, and the World Cup helped take our minds off it. But with Toronto's, scratch that, Canada's baseball team in a serious swoon, our attention has wandered.

After swallowing a seven-game losing streak, the Jays are out of it in a bad way. Even Roy Halladay is struggling. What's going on here? The Jay's once held contender status has quickly widdled away to merely pretender.

Only 60 more days till the puck drops at the Air Canada Centre, Ottawa at Toronto. Early prediction? 12-1 for Toronto, with Mats Sundin eclipsing Darryl Sittler's single game point record with an impressive quadruple hatrick.

Until October 4 then,


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walkinvisible said...

sundin will never score a quadruple hattrick. but datsyuk might... at least, he scored 6 last night when russia smoked my swedes 12-4 on NHL06. oh, and your calculations are off by almost 3 weeks... 40 days till (the flames) play the first preseason game. who needs to wait till the REAL season ???! x