Saturday, August 26, 2006

Going, Going, Gibbons

The clock has started ticking on manager John Gibbons' tenure with the Blue Jays. With his recent dust-up with pitcher Ted "An Eight Run Cushion? That's Nothing" Lilly, that brings his total of club house brawls to two, which of course is two too many.

Whatever the reason is, perhaps the players don't respect him, perhaps they're all pissed off at wasting the season, perhaps whatever, the point is, Gibbons is done. We like that the front office showed restraint in not doing it right away though, it would send the wrong message to players and fans to can him now. But rest assured there's no way he's coming back for another season.

Speaking of the Jays, they sent Roy Halladay to the mound today, league leader in wins, against the Kansas City Royals, league leaders in crappiness. Halladay had a gem of a game, allowing only two runs and four hits while throwing a beauty of a complete game. Oh yeah, he lost too. Whoops.

Halladay was outpitched by
Runelvys Hernandez, he of the 3-8 win-loss record, and 7.5 ERA, who threw a spotless complete game of his own for the win. We assure you, that's the last time you'll ever hear his name on this site.

What's up Jays? Losing to Kansas, with Roy Halladay on the mound? Is this your way of throwing in the towel? Telling everyone to give up and go home?

Don't worry, everyone figured that one out long ago.


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